Pricing Instructions

I have added shopping carts to my website! It is so easy to order now! I have installed only a few of the items that I have available for sale, but will be adding items daily. Some of the items that I will be offering include: Postcards, Folded Cards, Calendars, Business Cards, Posters, Photo Books, Sports Cards, Buttons, Key Chains, Magnets, Bag Tags, Gallery Wraps, Wire Bound Proof Books, Photo C.D.'s, just to mention a few! I now offer a selection of over 200 Christmas Cards which can be personalized and ofcourse, show off your beautiful photos!

My photos are copyrighted and must not be altered or edited in any way. This includes the removal of my logo on the photo. I release the right for you to post your photo on your website or facebook as long as you respect my work and do not alter my photos. I retain the right to use any or all of my photos for advertising purposes for my company and/ or on my website(s).

I take lots of photos everywhere I go. I try to attend as many school functions and area events as possible. In doing this I can offer a per photo price. If you would like a private session I charge a $50.00 Sitting Fee and a discount on the per photo pricing. Let me know what you have in mind and I will also be glad to give you a quote

It is important to include the following in the comment box on Paypal:
1. Full name
2. Address
3. Daytime phone number
4. Your email address, for confirmation purposes, addresses are not sold or given to anyone.

The shipping cost is included in my pricing unless you require special shipping. If so, let me know and I will let you know what the additional cost will be.
I will be adding products to my shopping cart daily. I can order any size print that you want and will be glad to give you a quote.