Portrait: Deborah L. Burgess

What is a memory?  I Googled the word and found this:

The faculty of the mind by which it
retains the knowledge of previous thoughts, impressions, or events.

According to this definition, you can't hold a memory in your
hand.  But wait!  There is a way!  Through photography the memory
becomes a photograph that you can hold in your hand.    The same
memory that you have locked in your mind and in your heart can be pulled out of
a dust-covered box, years after it happened and can be re-lived over and over again!  
The smile of a young couple when he puts the ring on her finger,  the day
he walks his love down the aisle, the day that your first child is born, the
first time your daughter cheered or your son played ball, the day your child is
baptized.  These are just a few of  hundreds  and hundreds of
memories that we all make each and every day.  With this in mind, it only
makes sense to save them not only for you to enjoy, but for future generations 
to cherish.  Memory Prints will become a way to re-live the laughter, share
the tears and watch the history of your family and the love you share unfold
right before your eyes!  Anytime you want!   Memory Prints are a
snapshot of that moment in time, held magically in your hand,  telling the
story over and over.  This has become my passion!  Making Memory
Prints through the art medium of photography!   There is no perfection
in people, but there is perfection in the works of God!  He has given us
beautiful flowers, wildlife, and a never ending canvas to use as backgrounds for
our memories.  I am thankful that God allows me not only  the talent 
as a photographer to help my friends and family  preserve their memories
but the added joy in  my life with the addition of  new friends that I
make along the way!   Looking back on my life, I regret not taking
more photographs.  So bookmark your life with Memory Prints, you will be
glad you did!